End Grain Cutting Boards

End grain cutting boards are without question the most desireable type of cutting board for hiding knife marks, keeping your knives sharp, durability, and offer some of the most aesthetically pleasing patterns.  If you see an anitque monster of a butcher block that has been used for a century or more, it is certainly an end grain configuration.  End grain refers to the boards being assembled with the grain of the tree running vertically, which is both the hardest possible surface from the wood, and at the same time the fibers are the most gentle on knives.  We are continually adding new designs and refining our process.  End grain boards require more wood and much more time than any other style of cutting board, sometimes being re-cut and glued as many as 7 times.  Although this does make them more expensive, they will last many times longer than any other type of cutting board.