Maple with Black Walnut & Cherry Stripes Edge Grain Cutting Board

Maple with Black Walnut & Cherry Stripes Edge Grain Cutting Board

This edge grain cutting board is made from American Cherry, hard Maple & Black Walnut. Unlike other boards out there, we use only woods that have been deemed safe for contact with food. In the construction of our boards, FDA approved glue and pure mineral oil is used. We take pride in finding the best quality and unique woods. All of our boards are 100% made in the USA in Stillwater, MN. A free bottle of Howard butcher block oil is included with this board along with detailed care instructions. American Cherry, hard Maple, Tigerwood, Black Walnut & Hickory, are used to create this original piece. Production time is approximately 3-4 weeks


Juice Groove $15


Routered Handles $10


Metal Handles $15



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    Please contact us if you have questions or want customization that is not listed as an option.  Please note that all wood is a natural product and some woods will vary more than others.  If you have a specific want or need with a look that you would like to have, please reach out, so that we can accommodate your request.

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